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Hydrofoamer in 3 easy steps, SureKleen!

How easy to use the Hydrofoamer with FOREARTH SureKleen product. A quick way to remove grim, dirt and oil from the floor surfaces, as simple as a 1, 2, 3 step.

  1. Fill container with SureKleen,
  2. point to spray SureKleen,
  3. scrub and rinse.

You can use it on metal surfaces, floor tiles and even plastic furniture. It will remove all grim and oil on the surfaces and clean away the dirt. Notice the colour of the water on the floor.

You can even pour a cap of the SureKleen product into your mopping pail and mop the floor with the product, and it will also remove the dirt, grease and oil from the surface of the floor. An effective way to maintaining proper hygiene in your restaurant and kitchen.
Give us a call to place an order of SureKleen for your kitchen!

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