Supply of chemicals

ForEarth Aquaculture

ForEarth Aquaculture

ForEarth Aqua-X28 is a liquid bacteria formulated to treat a body of water intended for fish and prawn farming.
It is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable and composed of beneficial bacteria that naturally occur in clean and healthy bodies of water. It improves the water quality in ponds. It breaks down organic waste and excess protein from fish food. It reduces the levels of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite present in the water through the de-nitrification process.
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ForEarth Cleaning and Sanitizing

ForEarth Big Wash

Big Wash
General cleaning and degreasing of equipment, vehicles and workshop areas. Designed to deal with the toughest of grime and dirt.

It is non-casutic and does not contain solvents. Its powerful foam has an unbeatable combination of surface action agents and emulsifiers.

Big Wash is ideal for manual washing, pressures washers, foam guns, steam cleaners and car wash systems.
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ForEarth Sanican

A powerful all purpose and non-rinsed quaternary ammonia based sanitizer. It is a low foaming and non-perfumed sanitisizer that will keep bacteria to its lowest count.

Sanican is a highly concentrated sanitizer which can be diluted up to 1:100 and dispensed into footbath or through a automated proportioner.

Sanican can be used to sanitize kitchen knives, utensils and serving tables to provide a higher level of hygiene in the kitchen and production floors
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ForEarth Soft Touch

Soft Touch
Soft Touch is a cost effective cleaning and moisturizing hand soap, which kills bacteria and kind to the hands. Many hand soap leaves the skin dry and harsh. Soft Touch not only cleans, kills bacteria but also moisturizes and returns the body oil to the hands.

It is non scented and specially formulated for the food industries. It is dispensed through wall mounted dispensers or through hand pumps.
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ForEarth Surekleen

A heavy duty foam cleaner and degreaser specially formulated for the production floors of meat processing factories, food processing plants, restaurants, garbage bin centers, and for general cleaning purposes.

Many cleaners and degreasers in the market have high content of Chlorine that will be corrosive on metal and even cause rust stains to stainless steel equipment.

SureKleen has been specially formulated to be en effective and strong foam cleaner that is safe on soft metal like aluminum and stainless steel equipment. It returns the shine to porcelain wares and ceramic tiles. The foam provides a longer contact time to react on the grime and dirt to make cleaning easier. It saves time and water usage.

It can be applied through a handy portable Hydro Foamer or through the compress air Foam Station. Or it can be simply diluted into a mopping pail for the cleaners to mop the production or restaurant dining floors.
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ForEarth Wastewater Treatment

ForEarth Wastewater Treatment - ForEarth Utra-X32

ForEarth Ultra-X32 is a natural answer and solutions to most effluent problems. Environmentally sustainable, safe, non-toxic and bio-degradable, Ultra-X32 is formulated with natural occurring strains of bacteria to aid biological breakdown of organic compounds in waste water.

These specific microbial strains produce enzymes that degrade fats oils and grease in wastewater. They are particularly well suited to degrade abattoir waste, meat processors waste, effluent and wastewater produced by fat and grease discharging establishments such as restaurants, hotel kitchens, and commercial food processing plants, and septic tanks.

There are certain parameters for Ultra-X32 to function at its optimum level. It works best between a temperature of 25°C and 45°C, and a pH value between 5.5 and 9.0.

Organic degradation takes time to work. It is preferable if the waste water is held for a time in an effluent pond, settling tank, aeration or septic tank for at least between 6 to 8 hours. Frequency of application will be determined by the level of activity in each system.
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ForEarth Urinal Tablet

ForEarth UriTab
ForEarth UriTab

ForEarth UriTab

An environmentally friendly urinal tablet that contains no harsh chemicals and designed to save water and operations costs.

Its proprietary blend of freeze dried bacteria will biodegrade the organic waste and prevents uric and lime scales build up in the urinal pipe line. Uric and lime scales are the culprits of the odourous issues at the urinals.

UriTab’s odour counteractant will neutralise the urine smell and the fragrance will be released to refresh the air in the toilets.

Consult your ForEarth representative on how to save water and operations costs with UriTab.

Simple to use. Effective and cost-efficient.
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ForEarth Waterless Hand Cleaner Gel

ForEarth GreaseOff

Your waterless grease remover gel.

The perfect heavy duty hand cleaner Gel for mechanics, auto workshops, the military, hardware stores, motorbike shops.

GREASE OFF gently removes grease, oil, grime and lubricants from your hands with a soft abrasive effect, leaving them energised and refreshed.

This waterless grease remover Gel contains a powerful anti-bacteria agent "Triclosan" to protect and keep your hands bacteria free from grease and soil contamination in today’s harsh working environment

Available in 5 litre or 20 litre pails, with snap lock cover to store GREASE OFF air tight.
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