Bio Treatment

ForEarth kitchen drainage and grease trap treatment

ForEarth Trap Care

ForEarth Trap Care has been developed to provide you with an easy, safe and effective solution to treat your grease traps, interceptors, ejector pits, septic tanks, floor traps and kitchen drainage pipelines.

These highly concentrated tablets contain carefully selected strains of bacteria, oxygen and nutrients that are essential for the degradation of waste. This environmentally friendly Trap Care is designed to release and rehydrate the freeeze dried bacteria at the bottom of the tanks where sludge build up is at its worst.

Benefits of using TRAP CARE
1. Reduces sludge production in grease traps, septic tanks and drainage pipelines.

2. Kills the odourous smell from the grease traps and septic tanks

3. Saves operations costs from reduced frequency in de-silting grease traps, septic tanks and flushing of kitchen drainage lines.

TRAP CARE to be used regularly

It is a well know fact the the use of many common cleaning chemicals kill beneficial bacteria in waste water systems so Trap Care tablets must be replaced for your systems to work effectivley. ForEarth Trap Care should be used regularly.

Trap Care is safe for humans and animals, but care should be taken to ensure that tablets are not ingested or in prolonged contact with skin

Grease traps normally have a higher flow at certain times per day. Consult your ForEarth representative on dosage and frequency of dispensing Trap Care.
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